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Design is not just a job for me, it is truly a part of who I am.

I get so much joy from design - from styling my own home to creating art and helping others bring their ideas to life through my skills.

To me, design is life.

Please get in touch if you'd like to see what magic we could create together...

Debra Stratford | About Me
Debra Stratford, Deborah Stratford, Design Queen, graphic designer, freelance, freelancer, layout artist, Photoshop, prepress, advertising, design, professional, creative, Media Design School
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This is a curated selection of projects that I have singlehandedly created – this includes branding, graphic design, photography, documentspre-press, finished art, digital images and websites.

Due to client confidentiality, not all of my work is shown here so I have tried to give an overview of my style and skills in the projects shown.

I am a seasoned Graphic Designer who has been in the industry for many years and worked across a multitude of diverse clients and projects.

My specialty is to create simple yet chic designs that meet the brief and convey a message with minimal fuss – I definitely work on a “less is more” aesthetic without compromising or losing sight of the objective.

I’ve worked with many international clients and have experience with newspapers and magazines (publishing), commercial printers, private clients, local government (NZ and Australia), advertising agencies, private businesses, consumer goods/services and much more, and possess more skills than just the creation of graphics.

My skill set includes, but is not limited to:

– Brand guardianship

– Graphic design / Pre-press / CMYK

– Digital graphics / Front-end web design / Pixels

– Expert use of Typography

– Media production

– Packaging

– Photography

– Multi-channel design production

– End-to-end project management

– Proof reading / High attention to detail

– Deep understanding of media channels

– Active listening + accurate brief interpretation

– Natural problem solving abilities

I pride myself on a strong work ethic and on my ability to truly listen to a client. I relish the challenge of deciphering a brief by asking the right questions so I can translate ideas into something beautiful that captures their intended audience. This is what I truly believe to be key to producing an impactful and premium quality piece of design work.

My approach is to always be honest, professional and operate with diplomacy, which is backed by many years of experience and skills.

Graduating with honours from the prestigious Media Design School in Auckland, I have the skills, personality, knowledge and drive to deliver only the highest quality work each and every time.

I have an extremely high attention to detail (some would say that I am a perfectionist) so am a natural proof-reader, an intuitive troubleshooter.

Those who I have previously worked for and alongside would say that I am full of ideas, enthusiastic, friendly, professional, a total team player and possess the great combination of skills and qualifications in design for both print and online.

I have work experience, life experience and the ability to always see the ‘bigger picture’ so if you think you may like to work with me please reach out and connect.